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The Long Island Market



The Long Island consumer market is one of the most affluent in the country and it features New York City’s densely populated suburbs. 


Educated, Commuters, High Employment Rate, High Median Household Income...Let our Mobile Ad vehicles bring your message to these consumers.              

Long Island

Total Population: 2,795,377

Median age of 39.5 is significantly higher than the national median of 35.3 

Median household income is significantly higher than the national average, and is substantially higher in Suffolk County than Nassau County ($85,994 vs. $76,847). 

Higher percentage of high school graduates than the country as a whole (89.6% vs. 84.1%). 

Higher proportion of people with a bachelor’s degree or higher than the country as a whole (35.5% vs. 27%) 

Suffolk County

Commute - Mean travel time to work: 31.8 minutes 

Percentage of county residents living and working in the county: 73.4%

Most popular means of transportation to work:  #1 Drove a car alone: 523,534 (78%), #2 Carpooled: 66,911 (10%) 


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